Here at Tern we want to make sure that everything stays up to our standards of efficiency and modernization all while giving the best possible options and information to our clients. As of today, we are launching a new website and branding in order to achieve these goals, and with our amazing team, we made this rebrand possible!

Our very talented product design team has updated not only our website but our branding as well. The new sleek yet playful design brings together the ideas of Tern, with the bird facing towards the future. The design represents how Tern operates while being on the edge of design without losing personality.

The new branding brings Tern’s vision to light, marrying our new logo and color palettes to our approach.

Alongside the new changes from a design standpoint we have taken the time to develop a better understanding of what Tern stands for and the missions that we wish to achieve.

We have developed the deployment options of “No Code”, “Low Code”, and “U Code” to be able to give the depth and specifications of helping clients like never before.

We have also taken the time to explain our foundations on a deeper level as well, to give clients and potential partners an idea of what Tern brings to the table.

Tern is thrilled to showcase our best era to date. We hope that with this rebrand, we can continue to grow and shine with the best teams in the industry!