US Unlocked Year One Update

It has officially been one year since Tern relaunched the new and improved US Unlocked Platform. US Unlocked was revamped in order to provide more value to the end consumer and business partners/whitelabels.

US Unlocked is a unique virtual prepaid card program that allows for a secure United States Shopping experience for non United States individuals. US Unlocked prepaid cards are equipped with a US billing address and shipping address provided by verified partnered freight forwarders that allow for a greater shopping acceptance.

US Unlocked was first acquired by Tern in 2015 and after some time the platform was relaunched on April 3rd, 2020. And in the short year that US Unlocked has been reactive, the platform has seen a huge increase of 100K+ users with some users dating back to 2008! 

Tern has successfully adapted and formatted US Unlocked into an ever-growing and changing platform for those in need of secure virtual payment cards. 

The Virtual Payment Cards

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There are two card types within the US Unlocked Platform:

Merchant Specific Cards

Merchant Specific Cards are locked at a Merchant Level. This means only the first merchant the card is used will be authorized to pull funds from a member’s US Unlocked Balance. The security of being able to be locked to a merchant, coupled with configurable spending rules allow users to manage who and when funds will be pulled from their account.

One-Time Use Card

The One-Time Use Card allows for single purchases at a merchant. After every transaction, this card will refresh a new card number to ensure your funds are safe when transacting online.

US Unlocked White Labels

The US Unlocked Platform was created to be white labeled for a variety of business types. Tern is proud to announce the launch of the very first whitelable Cash on Web! Cash on Web is a whitelabel for the citizens of Curaçao to load their Cash on Web accounts with Cash at retail locations. Tern was able to offer the banked/unbanked people of Curaçao access to virtual prepaid cards for online shopping!

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Happy Shopping!
The Tern Team

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