Posted on 10 April 2017 by Brion Bonkowski

Certifying Freight Forwarders & Repackagers

As a company, we have a unique authorization to utilize our freight forwarders US shipping address as the primary billing address to our virtual accounts. This is imperative as US merchants utilize a fraud technology called Address Verification ServiceĀ  (AVS). Simply put, if the billing address and shipping address do not match, often the merchants will reject the transaction for fear of potential fraud. This is an incredibly unique process and account, no other US issues card product has been able to be issued to non-US citizens, nor does any other program have the ability to use a 3rd party address as a primary billing address.

With these elements in mind, Tern has developed a robust application and approval process for freight forwarders to be certified to be used on our platform. The primary verification elements we check for our freight forwarders are as follows:

  1. Articles of Incorporation, organization chart, business license, and full ownership details
  2. Policies around conforming to all US export laws and regulations
  3. Restricted country and product type list and policies and controls
  4. Policies around complying with receiving country tax and duty requirements


Additionally, Tern reserves the right to audit each item purchased using our accounts and shipped through our freight forwarding partners. We monitor and track every purchase to ensure compliance with all US policies and restrictions.


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