Posted on 27 April 2020 by Indigo Glaze

US Unlocked, The Long Awaited Return

The Nilson Report

US Unlocked, a Tern Company is regaining traction after a long-awaited relaunch on April 3rd, 2020, and has since then been featured in the latest issue of the Nilson Report.

TERN has relaunched US Unlocked, a cross-border concierge shopping service, which gives access to the U.S. ecommerce market to global shoppers. US Unlocked is a virtual payment card issued in the U.S. tied to a network of certified top tier freight forwarders. Since 2008, US Unlocked has issued one-time-use virtual payment accounts to over 100,000 shoppers globally. Shoppers can load funds onto their virtual cards via local bank transfer, Sofort, SEPA bank transfer, iDeal, WebMoney, Alipay, Boleto, or SafetyPay.

A History of Revolutionizing Cross-Border Remittance

US Unlocked, founded in 2008 and acquired by Tern in 2015, has remained at the forefront of the growing cross-border e-commerce market. US Unlocked has issued virtual payment accounts to over one hundred thousand shoppers globally. The program was placed on hold in May of 2018 in an effort to select and integrate the right banking and technology providers. Tern utilized this time to add new features, streamline the onboarding process, user experience, and added more certified freight forwarding partners.

“We are excited to relaunch US Unlocked but not nearly as excited as our valued members who have been waiting patiently for our service to become available again. We have received amazing positive feedback at the new direction the membership has taken, some from 10+ year US Unlocked customers.” -Brion Bonkowski CEO, Tern

Tern relaunched US Unlocked on April 3rd, 2020, and has seen a large number of old and new members returning/signing up for the platform in order to facilitate their shopping needs.

A Whitelabel Solution 

In addition to the restructuring of the platform, US Unlocked has been made entirely White-Labelable. Businesses can now launch their very own Cross-Border Virtual Payment Cards to be used at essentially any US Merchant. This enables frictionless, unlocked shopping to be made readily available in accordance with your business needs. These Whitelabel Solutions are quickly deployed and fully customizable down to the base elements and icons of the user interface. 



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