Tern.Cards is where users can create multiple prepaid cards, both virtual and physical, and can customize the cards to meet a variety of different use cases. By placing users in control of card spend amounts, merchants, and merchant types, Tern Users can manage budgets and spend for teams or family members.


All of the services available for Tern Users, embedded into your business. Tern Business Subscribers can securely onboard their users, link their bank accounts, issue cards, and facilitate payments. All services are on demand so just use the service you need!


Platforms and service providers can add value to their customer base by offering additional fintech services. Tern helps companies by deploying modern hosted and managed solutions seamlessly integrated into existing platforms.

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Depending on where you are as a company will help us determine what deployment option is best for your business. You also have the flexibility to move back and forth between options as your company scales or needs change. Many of Tern’s customers deploy different services with different options, all with the same back-office administration and program management tools.

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All fintech applications have common elements. The primary goal is to safely bring users into an application and provide options to store and transmit value. With these foundational elements, virtually any type of fintech application can launch.


One of the most critical functions in any fintech application is ensuring the people and businesses on your application are legitimate. Tern’s onboarding services allow for document and bank account verification, and sanctions screening.

Account Issuance

Storing value is at the heart of many fintech applications. Tern can enable you to store value with cards, bank accounts, or wallets. Every store of value Tern offers is complaint with all regional regulatory and license requirements.


Moving funds securely to people and business globally is a critical need for many fintechs. The Tern platform supports a growing list of payout options to virtual or physical cards, bank accounts, cross-border, and crypto.

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