FinTech as a Service

The Tern Platform can be deployed to address a variety of use cases via API or white label. Anyone looking to quickly launch, monitor, or grow a secure prepaid or stored value program is an ideal candidate. Through our technology and global banking and processing networks, Tern is a strategic partner to both existing programs and processors as well as new innovators looking for modern, forward thinking solutions.

  • Program Management Portal
  • Dashboard & KPIs
  • On-Boarding & KYC Management
  • Web & Mobile White Label Apps
  • Innovative Customer Service Tools
  • Cross Border & FX
  • REST API & Developers Toolkit

Program Management Portal

The foundation of The Tern Platform is the back-office portal. A modern framework designed to adapt to various program types and deployments. A sampling of the core features are:

  • Customer service tools to create, track, and monitor customers
  • Fraud and risk rules engine; reporting on velocity thresholds
  • White label branding
  • Dynamic services, fees, and billing
  • Marketing tools: automated discounts and campaign
  • Multi-purse and multi-currency
  • Promotional messages and cardholder notifications
  • Real-time account and card holder validation integrating leading KYC (Know Your Customer) providers
  • Agent and affiliate management portal with revenue share disbursements
  • Role-based user access, security module, and IP white listing
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Dashboard and KPIs

User configurable dashboards with drill down capabilities

Platform analytics

Dashboard, spending patterns, trend analysis, key metrics, and growth summary

Account/ card portfolio

Enrollments, card status and account balance

Program or portfolio

Manage one or multiple programs with top-down reporting

Transactions monitoring

Transaction history, pending authorization and declined transactions


Cardholder authentication, CIP/KYC and OFAC along with detailed analysis of KYC provider data

White Label Cardholder Self-Service

Your customers expect an intuitive and simple interface to access and modify critical card and account information. The Tern Platform provides this interface through branded web and mobile applications your customers will rave about.

Custom branding (color scheme, collateral, graphics and URL)
Multilingual support
Multi-currency transfers and loads
Card spending limits – usage restrictions
Transaction history and account statements (view or download)
Request replacement cards (lost, stolen and damaged)

Onboarding Customers

Nobody has to walk into a bank anymore to set up an account or card. The Tern Platform connects to best-in-class Know Your Customer (KYC) providers while providing a consolidated onboarding interface for both mobile and web.

White label branding (color scheme, collateral, graphics and URL)

Multilingual support

Online card ordering, generation and issuance

Real-time account or card holder validation (CIP/KYC, AVS and OFAC check)

Account or card design selection

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Portal

Back office tools can make or break a customer experience. The Tern Platform enables customer service representatives real-time access to assist existing customers (or to help close new ones).

  • Block, unblock, temporarily deactivate or close permanently
  • Account or card holder security management – reset PIN and account password
  • Upgrade or change account or card program
  • Register and activate accounts or cards
  • Balance inquiry, transaction activity and account statements
  • Supplementary card ordering and issuance
  • Account or card adjustments (fees, admin, debit or credit)

Agent Portal

Distribution of cards and accounts through trusted partners is an essential part of any successful program. The Tern Platform enables our clients to launch their own branded partner portals, providing secure access to critical marketing information and agent or affiliate pay-out management

Custom branding (color scheme, collateral, graphics and URL)
Multilingual support
Register and activate card
Account or card spending limits – usage restrictions
Load funds, single and multi-currency loads
Stakeholder and partner level reporting
Issue replacement cards (lost, stolen or damaged)
Role-based user access, security dashboard

Web Services API

The Tern Fintech as a Service Platform enables brands or companies to build and launch best-in-class financial services and payments products rapidly and compliantly, via a collection of easy-to-consume RESTful Developer APIs.

  • KYC and Onboarding
  • Open-loop & Closed-loop payment processing
  • Account, user, or device authentication & activation
  • Multi-currency account transfers and loads
  • Balance inquiry, account statement and transaction history
  • Real-time alerts and notifications (SMS, email, webhooks)
  • Issue Replacement cards (lost, stolen and damaged)
  • Block, suspend or cancel accounts or cards
  • Account and card adjustments (fees, admin debit/credit)
  • Wallet and Mobile SDKs



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