Tern on The Paypers

Recently, Tern CEO Brion Bonkowski was featured in an interview on The Paypers, a leading independent source of news and analysis for the global fintech, payments and ecommerce industry. The top of conversation centered around the role Tern is looking to play in “making every company a fintech company”.

In the interview Brion discusses Tern’s low code, no code, API approach to accommodating various companies from startups to traditional brick and mortar companies, eagerly supported by Tern’s team of industry veterans to help guide on the best deployment options for them.

They also discuss the latest wave of BaaS (Banking as a Service) companies that Tern is a part of and what sets Tern apart from the other players where instant embedding and the ability to launch products on demand significantly lowers barriers to entry and allows maximum flexibility.

The interview offers some great insight into the industry and to Tern and our goals and can be read in full here.