Fintech as aservice.

Tern provides intuitive modern tools to enable the next generation to receive, store & transmit value securely across virtually any platform, device, or currency.

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What is Tern?

Tern enables brands to launch programs quickly and seamlessly with intuitive custom & white-label web and mobile customer experiences. A suite of back-office tools assists in the management of programs in a safe, secure, and compliant environment.

Banking as a Service

Tern enables companies to launch Banking as a Service Applications offering: ACH Payments, Batch Payments, Real-Time Payments, Close Looped Payments, and Physical/Digital Debit Cards.

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Custom Card Programs

Tern architects custom global card programs for both digital and physical payment cards as well as modern card management and UI for program management and consumer login.

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Tailored KPI Reporting

Tern ingests your data to present it back in modular reporting graphs for your compliance, sales, and management teams. These dashboards allow for an active well as detailed custom reporting defined by your business needs.

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Cutting Edge APIs

Tern develops cutting-edge API Modules for an array of financial services from KYC to payment issuance. We interface with a number of processors and vendors to create easy-to-digest API’s for your project's needs.

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Taking your business to the next level

Tern provides tools for programs, program managers, banks, and processors. Each client is unique but typically shares some basic requirements around onboarding customers and businesses as well as loading and unloading funds. Stores of value can be virtual or physical, but all require fraud, SAR (Suspicious Activity Reporting), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) tools. The Tern platform and team are here to help you realize your vision with a flexible white-label solution.

Prepaid Platform
& Business Analytics

Tern has developed cutting-edge reporting modules that help you track your businesses success over a variety of metrics with a seamless dashboard experience.

User Management

State-of-the-art custom reporting graphs that provide insight into all your program's KPIs.

Card Program

Configure and manage your prepaid card programs in one place.


Detailed reports that give you a granular view into the health of your program.

Fraud Monitoring

Velocity and fraud monitoring tools that keep you in the know about your customer’s behaviors.

Fee Management

Manage the fees associated with your card program so you can maximize potential revenue.

Card Management

Mange your programs cards, inventory, and card types to fine tune your program.

Marketing Management

In dashboard messaging tools for targeting your consumers in their dashboards.

Affiliate Management

Onboard, configure, and customize your brand affiliates in a single place.

System Monitor

View the overall health of your platform and pull/export detailed analytic reports.

Bank in a Box
Banking as a Service

Tern’s “Bank in a Box” allows you to send and receive payments via a white-labeled card and banking service platform. Easily get paid by merchants and use those funds to instantly make purchases for your organization.

Global White-Label
Card Program

Tern has the ability to launch an array of card programs ranging from physical to digital payment cards. These cards interact with our state-of-the-art consumer dashboard allowing your customers more control and transparency when they spend.

Closed Loop
Payment Platform

Tern provides businesses closed-loop payment platforms that enable real-time payment, cross-border payments, and peer-to-peer payments globally. These programs can leverage a combination of digital and physical payment cards dependent on your use case.


Tern’s leadership combines experience & talent

Brion Bonkowski
CEO & Founder
Corey Glaze

Chief Product Officer
& Co-Founder
Jerry Uffner
Karen Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer
George Stamps
General Counsel &
Chief Compliance Officer
Joost van Schijndel
Scott Fayed
Elyse Jupiter
Senior Solutions Architect
Indigo Glaze
Director of Operations
Hans Zhang
Senior Platform Architect
Ethan Andrews
Sr. UI/UX Designer
Nathanael Fletcher
Software Engineer
Ryan Uffner
Sales & Account Manager
Abel Zhang
Software Engineer
Alyssa Ventrella
Design Specialist
Reilly Moriarty
Marketing Manager
Ian Baldonadi
Customer Success Manager
Tracy Sun
Software Developer


Zac Smith
Hitomi Iba