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Access to flexible prepaid cards for business and personal use.


Add fintech services to your business without talking to a sales person.


Increase value for platforms and service providers.

Let’s talk services, strap in.

Core services to enable a wide range of fintech applications.


Allow people and business onto your platform, verify identities and link bank accounts

Account Issuance

Prepaid to DDA to wallets, enabling the flexibly to load and store value


Paying people and businesses domestically and globally with a growing list of options

  • PCI & SOC 2
    Let us handle your compliance and save you the headaches
  • KPIs & BI
    We will show you your data and make it actionable
  • Multi-Everything
    We support multiple banks, processors, languages, and currencies
  • Support
    Integrated branded IVR, call center, and customer dashboards

Our Platform, compliant and intelligent.

Developed off years of mature business logic managing global programs, Tern can help you scale your business.

Tern is getting talked about. You can’t miss it.

Working with the Tern team has made it easy. It truly is fintech-as-a-service. I approached them with the structure, and they got us into the market quickly.

Elisa Salinas

Director at TransferMex

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Enabling start-ups and enterprise to launch fintech programs, fast.